Our Hostal works with Loro Trips. This tour operator specializes in all trips and tours in Leon, in other Nicaraguan cities, and the rest of Central America
We can make a plan adjusted to your interests and budget. For more information you can visit Loro Trips, website: www.lorotrips.com or ask at the reception of the hostel.

If you want to travel to Honduras, El Salvador or Guatemala will help you to book travel agents.

We can recommended you specialized tours of the City and Excursions. We know many local guides and tour operators. Some of our staff are tourism students, sime are travellers, some know the history very well.

However we ourselves do not organize tours.

We can recommend daily trips to El Salvador and Guatemala and help you buy tickets.

Travel price:

- El Salvador US$ 25 per person yellow Pullman Bus US$30

- Guatemala US$30 per person yellow Pullman Bus US$30

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