Hostal El Albergue in Leon is the only hostel that invites you to work as a volunteer in different organizations or social projects in the city of Leon.

Fostering the manner of solitary and sustainable travel focusing on the local needs. Your support will provide an important and significant support to various social organizations that require it. This initiative emerged as a response to the need to create a friendly tourism against the wild touristic activity that can sometimes occur.

Organizations with whom we work

- Publics colleges
- Los Carlitos
- Quetzaltrekers
- Nursing homes

Projects of Hostal El Albergue

- Projects of Apoyo for the Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs
- Museum of the Revolution
It is the policy of the hostel to not make wild propaganda of social work where volunteers work for a profit, solely to help the vision of responsible entrepreneurship of the hostel.

by GInIEm 2015